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The System of Formation

The system of formation in the society of OSH is as follows: we have three years of Minor seminary, one year of Novitiate, three years of Philosophy, one year of Regency, and four years of Theology studies.

Minor Seminary

OSH Minor seminary, is an ecclesiastical institution owned by the Society of OSH. The aim of this institution is to give an institution into the spirit, life and works of the Society of OSH, to those who aspire to become Priest Members of the Society. Minor seminary provides the first step of formation to selected candidates who have shown signs of vocation to the Society of OSH. This period of formation in general includes every aspects of Christian life and in particular human, spiritual, cultural and intellectual formation. Minor seminary formation is normally of three years including the Plus Two studies. In the case of those students who come after Plus Two or any other higher qualification they should undergo minimum one year of formation before the Philosophy course.

At present our Minor Seminary formation is given two piaces. In the first year their formation is at the Sneha Bhavan House, Kidangoor. This is a Period of initiation into the Seminary and Christ centered life through the Socity of OSH. Now there are 16 seminarians. The next two years of formation will be at the OSH Minor Seminary,S.H Mount.This is the time for their Plus Two studies and spiritual formation. Those students who come after Plus Two also go to Sneha Bhavan House, Kidangoor for their first year formation.

  1. Daily, or whenever possible, pray for your seminarian and for all OSH Fathers.
  2. Regular offerings made toward the support of your seminarian.