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Your kind financial offerings will be applied towards the seminary formation of a seminarian of the society of OSH. And needless to say, he will pray for you and yours.

What are the Spiritual Benefits for the Sponsors of the Seminarian?

  1. Members of the Society of OSH pray for their Benefactors everyday.
  2. In all Houses OSH every month a special Mass is offered for all the Benefactors.
  3. All priests of the congregation offer a Mass every year for all the Benefactors.

What is the normal duration of OSH Seminary Training?

  1. Minor Seminary
    – 1 Year (Period of initiation into the seminary and the life in the OSH).
  2. Minor Seminary
    – 2 years of Higher Secondary School study and spiritual formation.
  3. Novitiate
    – 1 Year (Period of intensive spiritual and religious formation).
  4. Philosophy
    – 3 Years (Period of study of various Branches of Philosophy).
  5. Regency
    – 1 Year (Period of practical training and ministry).
  6. Theology
    – 4 Years (Period of study of various Branches of Theology and Liturgy).