Our Seminarian

Our Seminarian

YYour kind financial offerings will be applied towards the seminary formation of a seminarian of the society of OSH. And needless to say, he will pray for you and yours.

What are the Spiritual Benefits for the Sponsors of the Seminarians?

  • Members of the Society of OSH pray for their Benefactors every day.
  • In all OSH Houses as special Mass is offered for all the Benefactors every month.
  • All priests of the congregation offer a Mass every year for all the Benefactors.

What is the normal duration of OSH Seminary Training?

  • Minor Seminary – 1 Year (Period of initiation into the seminary and the life in the OSH).
  • Minor Seminary – 2 years of Higher Secondary studies and spiritual formation.
  • Novitiate – 1 Year (Period of intense spiritual and religious formation).
  • Philosophy – 3 Years (Period of the study of various Branches of Philosophy).
  • Regency – 1 Year (Period of practical training and ministry).
  • Theology – 4 Years (Period of the study of various Branches of Theology and Liturgy).

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