Social Ministry

Social Ministry

The society of OSH try to serve the poor who live in poverty and liberate those who are victims in its every form and make all the efforts to root out the cause of evils. The preferential option of Jesus to poor asks us to uplift the oppressed help the needy and neglected ones and lead them to the integral growth.

With this purpose the society of the OSH started SHESSS. SHESSSIS called Sacred Heart Social Service Society. The Society of OSH continue all its social and charity works through SHESS. SHESSS mainly concentrates its focus on educational areas. One of the most important programmes of SHESSS was Unarve. Through Unarve it helps the LP and UP section of students to overcome their learning disability. another one is the distribution of educational tools for elementary education, housing projects, aids medical treatments to the poor etc…

Sacred Heart Mercy Home Project

This project helps five poor families of different areas in and around Kottayam to renovate their houses. The distribution of two hundred thousand rupees per house have really helped them to find an abode for themselves.

Career Guidance Program

This intends mainly on awareness program for civil service and career guidance. After the civil service orientation program, conducted in the leadership of IAS officials, scholarships being awarded for the selected candidates who attend full time civil service coaching.

Basic School Education Program

Through this project, SHESSS with the help of Sacred Heart Public School Kottayam provide kits with study materials costs ₹1500 per student for poor students of aided schools for the last 2 years and more than 400 students benefited from this each year.

Unarve Program

UNARVE has become a brain storming program for the weak and disabled students of aided schools to fetch them to the mainstream and to increase their level of learning ability. This is more a personal and psychological approach so that each disabled and weak students may get special attention and care to come up with more vigour and interest in their studies. At present this program is being conducted at 10 different schools which benefits around thousand students.

Medical Camps

Medical camps, especially for the department of ophthalmology was conducted in different areas of Kerala which consisted of eye tests, distribution of spectacles and cataract surgery etc.

Flood Relief Work

SHESSS has been very active and performed timely intervention and help for the suffering flood victims in 2018. Almost 1.5 million rupees have been spent for the same.

Sacred Heart Karunya project

This project top ups with thousand rupees for 20 very poor families of eight districts every month which is a real help for their daily living.

Educational help for students

Selected 13 very smart but poor students of different areas of Kerala are being supported financially by providing full expense of their study from class 8 through 12.

Other than the above projects, SHESSS provides special and extra aid for education, treatment and house construction etc. periodically as necessity emerges.

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